Company History

Started in 1989 after a 12 year trucking company management position, JR brought their
knowledge of brokering loads of all types to chasing loads that carriers either refused, never
had trucks for, or just didn't want to be bothered with.  

Expedite carriers grew during this period also, and JR became another arm of many expedite
carriers, they could field the phone calls, pass them on to JR to move their freight and
everybody wins.

The same holds true today,  customers out source their freight to JR to save time, save money
and focus their staff on their main freight and let JR move their excess freight to increase their
bottom line.

Customers trust  that their customer is protected by using JR, as JR does not back solicit, and
all communication is done through you, so you can impress your customer.

Our company roots are firmly planted in the transportation industry. We have learned,
throughout our extensive experience, personalized service is at the heart of every great

JR Traffic combines direct communication with industry savvy to create a service which
separates our company distinctly from the competition.

Randy Churchill
ice President